Mission Statement

  • Safety Decking systems and their correct use and installation are readily available to all building and construction companies. It is the mission of Prodek Limited to make fall prevention systems the compelling system of choice, ensuring you and your site teams have the safest site environment possible.
  • To make the Prodek Safety Decking systems the safest possible choice in the HSEs safety hierarchy.
  • To make available our safe fall prevention systems in as wide a geographical area as is practicable.
  • To issue a quality assurance Sign-Off sheet at the point of installation to ensure you are satisfied with our installation, giving your Site or Project Manager the opportunity to inspect our work in full, affording you complete peace of mind.
  • To ensure the safety of your site operatives with an efficient and complete fall prevention system by using the best safety systems available.
  • To make our clients feel secure; sure that every effort has been made to safeguard their site teams working area.

To ensure you make the right choice:

  • By choosing our safety decking systems our clients have selected the safest possible system in the HSEs safety hierarchy.

To recognise the benefits:

  • Safety decking systems do significantly reduce the time spent fitting joists, roof trusses, noggins and beams, partly offsetting the cost.
  • Most importantly; safety decking sits at the top of the HSE safety hierarchy and satisfies the┬áresponsibility of Principal Contractors and others to select the safest possible fall prevention system.