The Rhino Load Deck not only provides a safe working platform, but allows operatives to load the platform with necessary tools and materials for greater task efficiency as well as being fully HSE compliant.


Fully load tested up to 6kn/m2, it provides your site operatives with more than adequate loading requirements while allowing all site trades to utilise the platform. Completely self-supporting, the Rhino Load Deck does not rely on external or party walls for lateral support.

The Rhino Load Deck’s composition of lightweight components which lock into place without the need for hand tools or fixings make the Rhino system easy and fast to install for the experienced Prodek installation teams. Its’ flexibility enables it to follow the wall profile around L-shapes and irregularities.

The unique three-in-one safety platform system offers the optimum solution to difficulties caused by working at height. For use as a wall-to-wall safety platform, trestle and handrail set-up or mobile tower arrangement, the Rhino Load Deck provides unrivalled versatility, ease-of-use, strength, durability and is highly cost effective.

The system can also be adapted for use as a ‘catwalk’ arrangement for access inside trusses. Its’ fast install and recovery characteristics provides site operatives with more time to attend to their tasks on site and vastly increases build productivity along with a significant decrease in downtime.

Load/Impact Testing

The Rhino Load Deck system has been fully tested to test procedures set out by the British Standards Institute and wholly complies with the following standards:

  • Roof non-fragility test in accordance with ACR (M) 001:2005
  • Temporary Works Equipment BS EN 12811-1:2003 section 6.1.3 load class 6;- 6.0kN/m2, &
  • Temporary Edge Protection Systems BS EN 13374:2004