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The need for Fall Prevention Systems, the working area of Prodek Safety Systems and our fall prevention solutions reach across the width of England. The map shows the live, current construction sites that the fully trained Prodek installation teams cover. If your working area is on this map you too could benefit from a safe fall prevention working platform installed professionally at a very affordable cost. Getting it wrong or even leaving your safety decking systems to chance should not be an option. Prodek Safety Systems Limited bring the solution to you.

Prodek Safety Deck Fall Prevention Systems are an ideal and cost effective alternative which conform to HSE guidelines for working at height. Fall arrest systems i.e. bean bags, polystyrene blocks and inflatables will soon be a thing of the past to follow H.S.E guidelines fall prevention is the future and the our systems offers all you need with a lightweight, durable, adaptable class 2 working platform which conforms to the regulations and standards demanded by the Health and Safety Executive. The Swaledek system is unique in its installation and creates a platform approximately 2 metres high above the sub floor or finished floor level, creating a safe working platform for the installation of floor Joists, concrete floor beams and roof trusses. The platform is supported on 2m legs and is fixed to the panels by means of a connecting collar pictured above, and retainer clip and has a safe working load of 1.50kn per square meter and conforms to a class 2 working platform (1.8m / 1.5m legs are also available)