Britains high profile builders choose Prodek

The Construction Director of Barratt Yorkshire East Division Mr Rhoddy McKinnon pointed out that Barratt take their responsibilty of care to staff, employees and subcontractors very seriously and as such had to capture and embrace the HSE directive as a matter of course.

‘Accidents are unavoidable but as responsible builders we must do all in our power to mitigate the potential for accidents. The fall prevention systems are a huge leap in the right direction and leave nothing to chance. The flexibility and inherent safety qualities of the fall prevention systems we use give us confidence and security that we have made the right decision’

The Senior Site Manager for David Wilson Homes at Innovations and Kings Water commented:

‘Prodek are quick, efficient and tidy. The system is easy to manage and there is the big advantage of not needing to store equipment on site. We quickly recognised that the choice of full installation had major advantages over bean bags or birdcage scaffold.’

The Senior Site Manager for Barratt Homes at Kings Park commented:

‘The evolution from bean bags is fantastic for site managers. It was always difficult to manage the bean bag systems, lacking in confidence that the bags had been clipped together as required. The top floors of a three storey dwelling were particularly difficult tipping the bags in from above with a forklift. The Prodek fall prevention system is a simple call off and quality controlled by a physical check on completion. I look forward to moving the system through to our new show complex in the very near future’

The Senior Site Manager for Haslam Homes, part of the Keepmoat Group on site in Lincoln commented:

‘I feel the focus is now on fall prevention – prevention being the operative word in lieu of fall arrest. The fall prevention systems from Prodek are commercially viable and we use them in our link blocks along with scaffold.’

‘The HSE directive made common sense and the service Mike and his teams give us is nothing short of first class’

The Site Manager for David Wilson Homes, Kings Wharfe in Brough commented:

‘Prodek and their fall prevention system work very efficiently for the trades on site. It is effective and very advantageous to our joiners and bricklayers. Bean bags used to be installed in house and took additional storage, management time, becoming difficult to manoeuvre particularly when wet. I can fully recommend Prodek as being quick, efficient and professional.’

Britain’s biggest house builders make Prodek their safety decking company of choice. Operating with a clear solution for working at height off a platform, Prodek Safety Systems Limited offer a fast and efficient service to satisfy the most demanding of build schedules.